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St. Titus One POWER Word - May, 2020

By St. Titus One |  April 30, 2020

                       St. Titus One Power Word
                                   May, 2020
 “Something’s Different”
These days do not look familiar, there is definitely “Something Different” going on not only around here but all over the world.

 “Something’s Different”
The calendar says that this is May but “Something’s Different”. May has almost always been a time of bright happenings. My memory dictates that May is filled with people outside enjoying bright sunny skies, blooming flowers, children playing together with crowds gathered in the parks and outdoor celebrations, ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Memorial Day’. “Something’s Different”.

“Something’s Different”
This May the roads are not crowded, the parks are for the most part empty, there is no one at the movies, no one eating in the restaurants, no throng of boats on the lake with people, no family reunions and for that matter there are abnormalities at funeral parlors, no crowds mourning together. Worst yet, there is nobody in Church. There is definitely “Something Different”. What could have happened to cause such a phenomenon? Has the rapture begun? Where are the people of God?

 “Something’s Different”
I believe that even God is looking for his people, (Adam where art thou?). I believe that due to worldwide disobedience to our creator we have been judged and found guilty. This guilt has warranted us a penalty called the Coronavirus or Covid-19. When we had the chance to worship in congregations we did not, so why now do we complain when they take it from us? When they took Church, God took all the activities (Idols) they enjoyed. God took gambling, sports, beauty and barber salons, beaches, night clubs and so much more. Why do you get angry about your pleasures when you don’t have a problem with missing Church?

“Something’s Different”
God says that we need to …return to our “First Love”. The bible says “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves one with another as the heathen do”. For far too long people talked God but denied him in their living. (Where you at?), Even though this May “Something’s Different”, God is not. Seek the Lord for all your answers and he will give you what you need in this time of chastisement. God is still our present help in this time of trouble. Since you will not do what you should have done, stream us live and receive the “Word of the Lord.
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