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St. Titus One Power Word - May, 2017

By St. Tittus One M. B. Church |  May 5, 2017

                                                          St. Titus One Power Word
                                                                        May, 2017  

“Life” is defined as that which has “self-sustaining process”, synonymous with existent or being.
There is a saying that states “April showers bring May flowers”. Since I love flowers in my yard I have become familiar with the “life” cycles of them. Flowers are either Annuals or perennials, meaning that they either have “life” for a year or that they keep coming back year after year.

Have you ever considered that maybe you are more like the flowers than first thought? Think about it, during the course of a month do you attend Church service every week or every now and then. Would you be more like the flower that comes up for a while looking really good then dying off, or would you be more like the type that keeps coming while sprouting beautiful fruit along the way?
Our God has in many scriptures throughout the Bible, told us that our ability to have “Life” comes from him. God even says to us that the “Life” is in the Blood (speaking about the Blood of Jesus). My question is how do we go around with this temporary “Life” that God gave us on Earth acting like we created it and are in charge of it?
Have we forgotten that we only live this type of “Life” striving to gain Eternal “Life”? Come on now! You have to choose which type you really want? Will it be the short temporary “Life” that seems to have much beauty or the Eternal “Life” that offers the reality of never dying? Now to me,  that’s beautiful, the ability to live without any of the hard aches of this temporary “Life”.
If you are seriously interested in a beautiful existence then you need to get with Christ whom has the gift of eternal “Life” available to those that accept him. If you want more information, meet me at Church and bring someone with you.
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