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St. Titus One Power Word - March, 2020

By St. Titus One |  March 5, 2020

                                                    St. Titus One Power Word
                                                                 March, 2020
“Adam where art thou?”

                In the Word of God recorded in the book of Genesis, you can find an episode about a search for Adam and Eve. God knew where he had left those he had created though when he came to visit them they were not to be found. So, God asked out loud the question “Adam where art thou?” This he did in an effort to allow his creation to be acknowledged.

 “Adam where art thou?”
Just as Adam was hiding from God, Mankind is still trying to hide. The problem with our present day hiding is that we are not being counted as a part of our own community. The fall-out behind this action is that we stand to lose out on benefits available to our community by different parts of the government put in place just to finance our needs.

“Adam where art thou?”
When we don’t get counted an estimated $1700.00 per person is removed from the allotment of funding annually to finance our communities for things like education, roads, businesses, jobs, social programs like violence prevention, policing, firefighting, etc.

 “Adam where art thou?”
Our God has put in place an economic engine to meet all of our needs as he said he would and we keep hiding from being counted in for them. Stop hiding and tell those you know to come out from hiding so that we all can be counted. I understand the fear some have of being caught for some illegal participation in previous actions, but crime will only get worse when there are not restraints in place due to lack of funding as a result of under-counting in our community.

“Adam where art thou?”
Know this that all of incarcerated family members are no longer counted in our community but in the community where they are incarcerated. Those losses of funds are now going to the other ethnic group of which is in the other towns. We still have a large number of people normally not counted, like the street-walkers, the sagging pants wearers, the drug dealers and users as well as the home-less and elderly. We need to get them counted too! Research to find out how to get those you know to participate in our economic resurgence by being counted.

When you get to Church this Sunday, ask the Pastor how you can be counted and how you can get others counted too. See you Sunday so God won’t have to ask “where art thou?”
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