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St. Titus One Power Word - December, 2018

By St. Titus One |  December 18, 2018

“I Can’t Hear God!”
It is now the end of the year again and still people are struggling to hear what they expect to be the voice of God.
  “I Can’t Hear God!”
This has been for many people a very troubling year filled with so much negativity. They say “I pray to God and there’s no answer for my problems”. They say they go to Church and still there seems to be no fix in the situations affecting them.
“I Can’t Hear God!”
Where is God?  “I Can’t Hear Him!” Why doesn’t he answer me? I am tired of all this suffering. It’s just got to be a better way. I need help to get through all this mess. I even sometimes read the Bible and show up at Sunday school.
“I Can’t Hear God!”
I have found that many times many people who asked these and similar questions become weary in trying the right way and revert back to their past comfort zones of sin. Sometimes it not God that’s the problem!
“I Can’t Hear God!”
In fact, God always answers prayers. There are some questions we need to ask ourselves and then answer ourselves. Truth is God is always available for us but we are not always available to him or to even hear his answer. Are we giving God our quiet moments that we might be able to hear him? Do we ask him to guide us as we read the Word because it is in his Word that he speaks the most? Do we show him our desire to please him by the way we live? We should also remember that just because it has not happened yet, does not mean He’s not going to do it. Psalm 46:10, Isaiah 40:31, Phillippians 4:6
  “I Can’t Hear God!”
Our God is an awesome wonder and speaks to his people regularly, so surround yourself with others who believe God too and listen for that special voice. It comes through your Bible studying and through your Pastor, just be still and you will hear it. Come back to Church and seek God’s face, I’ll see you at service Sunday.
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