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St. Titus One POWER Word - April, 2020

By St. Titus One |  April 2, 2020

                                                   St. Titus One Power Word
                                                             April, 2020
 “Exciting Times”
            Unprecedented times are upon the entire World and we seem depressed about them. In an effort to encourage the people of God, I decided to shed some light on what the world would have you believe is contributed to something one nation is responsible for.
 “Exciting Times”
(Covid – 19) the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on this entire planet from top to bottom and from side to side. If you are in anyway familiar with history you would recognize that this is not the first pandemic to hit the globe. In fact there have been many epidemics for millennials in one part of the world or another. Over the years we have dismissed some epidemics and or pandemics as flukes or manmade viruses. Take a look at Isaiah 53:1 and Luke 10: 17-19 and choose for yourself.
“Exciting Times”
It might be alarming to many that I lift these up as “Exciting Times”, but it is because I know that it all comes from God as a judgement and then wrath for rebelliousness towards him. Those of us that study his word ought to acknowledge that we have read of these types of judgements before. And I think it to be exciting that though I had not been alive during many biblical movements to witness the “Hand of God” moving in such a broad and powerful way, I am excited to see this one in my day.
 “Exciting Times”
Scriptures shed light on some encouraging facts, one being that he warned us not to rebel against him, reading Psalm 24 reminds us who everything belongs to and in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, he reveals the fix for our present situation. Joshua said that we must choose whose side we will be on. I believe God is putting that question back out to you.
“Exciting Times”
For those of us that are the true believers, we must stay focused on the ‘Word of our God” and be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid… Joshua 1:9. Get and then stay close to God for it is he and only he that can heal this land.
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