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November 2016 Power Word

By Pastor Michael A. Jones, I |  November 5, 2016

                                   St. Titus One Power Word     
                                                                  November, 2016                  

“Dim” is defined by the dictionary as; not bright; obscure from lack of light or emitted light:
There are many cases where you can be affected by the action of “Dim”. One can use a dimmer switch to lighten and or darken a room. Clouds can move in front of the view of the sun causing it to appear “Dimmer”. A shade or curtain can be placed between your view and the light in order to block some of the perceived brightness.
There is another situation in which one can use the word “Dim”, and that would be where due to age, trauma or some other type of stigma that the retina of the eye can lose the ability to absorb light particles thereby reducing its full functionality to see.
This has happened to most of the people of the world in regards to their spirituality with our “Heavenly Father” aka “God”. Based on our day to day actions it seems apparent that we see “God” different that he intended. We can hear the Preacher talk all day and still leave out into the world acting different from what we heard of “Gods” expectations for us.
“Dim” or “Dim” witted whichever the case, our “God “ though loving and patient will not tolerate our iniquity forever, and which of us knows how many days we have left to be here. Pray to “God” that he will open your weak eyes with the strength to see your life as he sees it. Not only get to Church, but be the Church Christ set up.
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